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End Of Term Feedback

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End Of Term Feedback
by Jack Merry - Monday, 26 June 2017, 10:28 AM

Dear Students,

The College continually seeks to review and improve the quality of its teaching and learning and student feedback is vital when Units are being reviewed.

During the recent Annual QAA monitoring visit some students stated that they hesitate to provide candid feedback in End of Unit questionnaires as they felt they could be identified.  To reassure you this was not the case it is confirmed that at no stage did anybody identify feedback with an individual student. The only identifier was the student number and this was only used to monitor who had not yet completed the form.

In an effort to maintain confidentiality and anonymity of student feedback the method of collecting feedback will change this time to a paper based format and will be completed anonymously in class.

Course Co-ordinators will be visiting classes from Monday 3rd July to pass out the forms for completion and will also collect them for the analysis of results.

Your feedback is highly valued and the questionnaires should only take a few minutes to complete.

No individual responses will be identified and your contribution will be aggregated with all others. Comments should be constructive and truthful.


Thank you for your cooperation

 Kind Regards

EThames Graduate School