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EThames Staff
by Claire Hegarty - Friday, 9 June 2017, 9:50 AM

Dear Students,


We wanted to take this opportunity to advise all students of current staffing at EThames Graduate School. Please see list below of those staff in the Academic Department and the Professional Services Department :


Academic Department

Tony Byrne – Academic Principal

Mihaela Dariescu – Course Manager Hospitality

Alex Addo – Course Manager Business

Sheila Balluck – Course Manager Health and Social Care

Maithili Paranjape – Course Manager Business Online

Blerton Hyseni – Lecturer Hospitality

Charles Barfi – Lecturer Business

Vytas Vaiksnoras – Lecturer Business and Hospitality

Jumie Fawole – Lecturer Health and Social Care

Sweta Gupta – Lecturer Health and Social Care

Erika Pall – Lecturer English and Additional Skills Support

Maria Rehman - Lecturer English and Additional Skills Support

Raymond Adesina – Trainee Teacher

Gulnaar Akhtar – Trainee Teacher


Professional Services Department

Bhanu Vullanki – Chief Executive Officer

Jon Barton – HR Manager

Lisa Mullett – Registrar

Hazel Dion – Team Leader Admissions and Recruitment

Mohan Thammisetty – IT Manager

Ashish Sehgal – Recruitment Officer

Ranjit Palaniappan – Admissions Officer

Jack Merry – Course Co-ordinator

Claire Hegarty – Course Co-ordinator

Sam Bridge – Registry Officer

Jag Velumpudi – IT Officer

Jason Grant – Welfare Officer

Hamza Hussain – HR Officer

Lucy Dickinson – Receptionist

Sana Khan – Receptionist

Kay Hussain – Security


Kind Regards

EThames Graduate School