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Pearson Edexcel HND certificates

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Pearson Edexcel HND certificates
by Anthony Byrne - Monday, 24 April 2017, 12:34 PM

Dear Students

There have been some questions asked about HND certificates and certification and this message is aimed at clarifying the current situation.

For your information the HND programmes are subject to an annual visit from Pearson the awarding body for the HND programmes to check that the College is operating appropriate quality assurance and assessing to national standards in a process called standards verification.

Standards verification is carried out annually by an external examiner appointed by Pearson and is under the control of the awarding body and not the College.  Following the standards verification visit the programmes are released for another year and certificates may be issued. Until that takes place Pearson will not issue certificates.

To reassure you that this is in hand, there is an SV visit taking place today 24 April for Hospitality Management, Health and Social Care is on Thursday 27 April and Business is planned for June. Therefore by the end of this week all programmes should be able to claim and receive certificates that are applied for.

I hope this reassures you all.


Tony Byrne

Academic Principal

EThames Graduate School