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Student Welfare - What It Is For

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Student Welfare - What It Is For
by Lisa Mullett - Thursday, 9 March 2017, 9:52 AM

Dear Students, 

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind all students of the purpose of having a Student Welfare Officer and what areas the can assist students with :

* Emotional support to enhance academic progress.

* Complaints

* Finance (housing, council tax, benefits etc) - not to assist with Student Finance issues

* Domestic issues

* Abuse

* External links for support and signposting (eg CAB, AA, NA, dyslexic testing, etc)

* Housing (Shelter, council etc)

The Student Welfare officer is available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.

Student Welfare provides personal and individual support to all students that require it.  If a student is unhappy or worried the Welfare officer will listen and give support, especially if it affecting their studies.  It should be noted that sometimes it is not possible to provide a solution to students' problems at the initial interview. If this is the case then a second meeting will be scheduled at a convenient date.  In some instances where the help required is beyond our capabilities then students will be signposted in order to access outside organisations.

If necessary a letter detailing the advice received will be sent to students shortly after the meeting to ensure that problems do not arise due to information being misunderstood or forgotten.


EThames Graduate School