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English speaking in the College

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English speaking in the College
by Lisa Mullett - Thursday, 1 December 2016, 11:20 AM

Dear Students

EThames has a student base that originates from a range of cultures for which English is not a first language which results in several languages being spoken by students in the College.  Generally this is not a problem however recently there have been several incidences of students and staff being excluded from conversations due to the fact that they do not speak the language being used by others.  This is not an acceptable situation as it could lead to claims of discrimination.  The UK is a highly multicultural society and protects people from discrimination through laws such as the Equalities Act (2010) which identifies individual characteristics including language and culture. The College management has no wish to stifle individualism and respects all cultures however it is clear that this has become a problem that needs to be addressed.

Could you please respect your fellow students and staff by using English only while in class or in conversations with a mixed audience.  This will have the positive effect of improving your English Language skills which in turn will enhance your learning at the college.

Kind Regards

EThames Graduate School Senior Management Team